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New Baby Journal with its enriched content.

The baby journal, where you will write down the important moments of your baby from birth to the age of 3 and add photos, will be a lifelong memory.

You can also store your little one's first belongings in the special gift box.

When we combined our watercolor patterns with theillustrationary's colorful digital illustrations, a design that was both simple and cheerful emerged.

A very special gift for newborns and their families. If you wish, we can also foil baby's name or initials.

The content is in English.

  • 22x22 cm
  • 54 sheets / 108 pages
  • Inside: 140 gsm. fountain pen friendly ivory paper
  • Hardcover: Watercolor illustration printed hardcover diary and box, with gold foil print detail
  • FSC certified environmentally friendly paper

International shipping: 3-7 business days



  • We are having a baby!
  • We are waiting for you
  • Welcome to the world
  • Welcome home
  • Congratulations
  • Our family tree and the story of your name
  • Our first family photo
  • First month with you
  • Your tiny hands & feet
  • You are growing up
  • Your teeth
  • Your health
  • You are... months old (1-12)
  • Happy 1st birthday!
  • Happy new year!
  • The first time...
  • Our holidays
  • Your friends
  • Things you like
  • Memories from your 2nd year
  • Your 2nd birthday
  • Special occasions
  • Days to remember
  • Memories from your 3rd year
  • Your 3rd birthday
  • Hello kindergarten!
  • Notes & photos

Baby Journal • Colorful •

  • Returns are not accepted for personalized products. 

    The return period for standard products is 30 days.

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